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throwback from 2013

With Partner Alternate 3 Rounds Each For Time Of: 

Row x21 calories

Handstand Push-up x12

Rope Climb x3


CrossFit Shift Athlete of the Month Questionnaire

Amanda Rivera

Age: 38

Where did you grow up?

Lansing, MI

When did you become a member at CrossFit Shift?

August 2012

What do you do when you are not at CrossFit Shift? (occupation, hobbies, etc.)

I work at Auto-Owners Insurance as a business analyst. When I’m not working I’m spending time with my family or running my boys around to all of their activities. When I have time, I like to read and watch movies.

How did you find out about CrossFit?

My best friend Holly Dickerson introduced me to CrossFit.

When did you realize CrossFit is right for you?

I realized it right away. Everyone was fit, friendly and really encouraging. Plus, the coaches were great!

What is your favorite WOd/movement?

My favorite movements are squats, sit-ups, pull ups and wallballs.

What is your least favorite Wod/movement?

I HATE running and rowing!!!

What would your perfect WOD look like?

I like chipper wods.

What is one thing you have done at CrossFit Shift that you never thought you would do?

I never thought I would be able to do a push up, pull up or rope climb.

What motivates you during a CrossFit WOD?

I’m motivated by the amazing athletes working out around me.

What is something about yourself that we might not know?

I have four kids and three dogs.

What advice would you give someone just getting started with CrossFit?  

Just keep going. You’ll learn the movements and CF lingo faster than you’d expect.

 Fill in the Blank (one word)

I like… burpees

I eat… lots

I do… yoga

I am… thankful

Amanda’s Workout

Burpee Box Jump Over x11 (24/20)

Hand Release Push-up x29 (24/20)

Ghd Sit-up x38

Wall-balls x79 (20/14)

Ghd Sit-up x38

Hand Release Push-up x29

Burpee Box Jump Over x11 (24/20)



5a and 6a classes will be cancelled. First class will be at 9a.

For max load complete 5 rounds of:

Overhead Squat x 3 reps


Complete as many rounds and reps as possible of:

(20/14) Medball Cleans x 20 reps

Double Unders x 60 reps