Jeana Rohrs

As many of you know I am not the person in our family who post on facebook or who gives my opinion very often however I am compelled to in this situation.Just before Christmas Neal and I; as we do very often, were enjoying dinner and a few adult beverages with the Millers. Neal mentioned to Dan what great shape Dan was in and that he (Neal) needed to get into better shape. Before the evening ended Dan had convinced Neal to try Crossfit. Little did we know that when Neal signed up that Denny, Karen and i were also signing up. Dan and Josh are so passionate; knowledgeable and concerned about good health.  They are awesome trainers.  They have asked me to do some workouts that I would not ever believe I could do; in fact while I am doing the workout I cannot believe that I am actually able to do it and on the way home I usually rejoice that I was able to complete the workout. I feel such a great sense of accomplishment with each workout. I am not an exercise freak, or a runner or a strict dieter. I have to tell you that since we have joined the Crossfit family if I miss a day I feel guilty.  If I do not eat what I should I feel awful.  And I found out that I am very competitive. The best news is I am stronger that I have ever been and even better I am wearing the smallest clothes that I have worn in years.

Please join the crossfit shift family.  You will be so happy that you did.