Jason Dorian

I tried all sorts of other programs anything from P90X to Insanity they where fun at first then got really repetitive and I would never finish them. I started Crossfit on my own in November of 2011, Josh, Kris, Joe, and Matt came into the school that worked at and introduced the football team to it. I started working out with the Football team, but I could stand getting beat by a bunch of high school students. I convinced one of friends to join me after the football team would finish their workout. We started with workouts off the main site, and saw minimal improvements. Then Josh finally convinced me to come out to the box. The first day there was intimidating but to see how much every buddy loves each other makes it very inviting, at the box it’s more then just a gym it’s a family. Josh, Joe, Dan, Kris, and Matt make it a point to know your name and they really care about your goals. they are what trainers should be. I can’t thank you guys enough. I started my crossfit journey at 5’4 260 lbs i am down 20 pounds and I am not looking back. Josh, Kris, Joe, Matt, and Dan thank you guys, you saved my life.

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